Tuesday, 13 March 2007

On a Roll

A slow start today - Hubby didn't start work 'til mid-morning so after I'd fed and dressed the baby and got Chris out of bed, he took the boys downstairs for breakfast while I luxuriated in an actual shower. Not much of a lie-in, I know, but it's a darn sight more than a lot of women get in my position. Grateful for small mercies (and a pretty great husband), that's me...

Confounded by the complete lack of decent bread in the house, I had muesli for breakfast and then, too lazy to go out, set about making some granary rolls. My much-loved bread machine (a Panasonic Bread Bakery) took care of the dough, although, as usual, I tinkered with the 'manufacturer's recommended recipe'. Specifically, I prefer to substitute actual milk for a bit of the water and the weird milk powder (which funnily enough I don't generally have in the house). Chris and I played with the brilliant 1970s-style 'Fabuland' Lego which I salvaged from my parents' attic while James napped this afternoon. I think I had more fun than he did, really.

I shaped, proved and baked the rolls in the oven later in the day. Chris had one with some defrosted, homemade tomato soup for his dinner tonight and told me it was 'not yucky'. Praise indeed!

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