Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Pie, part one.

Spent the day filling the house with food . I made some stock from Sunday night's roast chicken carcass yesterday, so this morning I skimmed the fat off and put most of it in the freezer. I left the bread machine making a wholemeal loaf while we went out and did some shopping. We went to Owain's Butchers in Aberaeron for a kilo of beef shin , a vast breast of lamb and my husband's great weakness, a rather fine looking pork pie. All that for well under £8 - bargain! . We combined this with a trip to feed the ducks with the stale end of last week's granary loaf. I say feed the ducks, but actually it was more like feed the duck, singular. No reasoning with a two-year-old who's found a new friend, is there? Even if the 'friend' is a somewhat vociferous mallard drake.

Came home and made a chicken and ham pie using the leftover chicken from Sunday's bird, and a sauce made with 300ml of the stock made from its bones. Anything presented in 'pie form' is always well-received in this house...

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