Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Rabbiting On

Another busy day with the boys today. James' gums are still giving him grief, compounded by the fact that he has lost interest in lying down or sitting in any sort of chair. No, he prefers to be held in a standing position or carried around. At all times. Obviously this results in my getting diddly squat done while he's awake. Took them out shopping this afternoon, buying some bits for when we all go camping in the summer. Can hardly wait.

Chris and I had Welsh Rabbit for lunch today, while the baby was napping in his cot upstairs (and therefore, thankfully, not needing to 'stand'). I always feel that I should make more of an effort to connect with the land we've adopted as home and, me being me, that has so far meant cooking some Welsh food.

Welsh Rabbit

I find a good farmhouse Caerphilly (such as Gorwydd, from Tregaron) to be the best cheese for this, but the main thing is that it's strong-tasting and not too oily. Today I used Singleton's creamy Lancashire.

100g strong cheese, grated
20g soft butter
1 tsp mustard (I generally use Dijon, use less if you prefer English mustard)
2 tbsp plain flour
1 egg, beaten
1 tbsp milk (or use beer if you're not making it for a child)
2-4 slices of bread, toasted on both sides

Beat everything (except the bread, natch) together. Spread on the slices of toast and grill until brown and bubbling. Eat immediately, with a green salad to accompany.

This made enough for me and Chris between us, but I'm sure it would stretch to 2 adults and 2 small children. For a two year old, Chris has an amazing appetite and breastfeeding makes me, already a glutton, even hungrier than usual. I'm sometimes horrified by the amount of food I can put away at the moment, but it's (nearly) all good stuff and at least I'm not putting on weight this time.

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