Wednesday, 4 April 2007

A simply lovely day

I took the boys to the leisure centre this morning to meet a friend. Her little girl and Christopher ran amok in the soft play area for an hour or so, then we all went for a drink in the café. I brought the boys home for lunch (corned beef sandwiches for Christopher; cheese sandwiches for me; puréed apple for James), then they both went for a post-prandial nap while I washed the pots and sorted out yet more laundry. I set the bread machine to make some granary bread dough (for rolls) while we were out in the afternoon.

After they'd got up, we went to Aberaeron to pick up the leg of lamb I'd ordered from the butcher for Easter. I also picked up some Perl Las (a Welsh blue cheese) and a nice chunk of brawn. We had a little walk around, then came home. As it was such a lovely sunny day, we all piled out into the garden for an hour or two, which was great. Christopher had a whale of a time, playing on his little slide and pushing his toy wheelbarrow around, then he and I played throw-and-catch for a bit. He's getting really good at actually catching the ball now, rather than simply watching it fall to the ground. James sat in his highchair and just looked at us both as though he thought we were mad.

I finished off the bread rolls before getting the boys' dinners. They'll be great, filled, for lunch tomorrow and to accompany some soup on Friday or Saturday.

I cooked Chris some chicken for his supper, with some crunchy salad vegetables alongside. James ate a portion of Root Vegetable Medley (see yesterday's post) with great enthusiasm. I gave them their baths, then read 'Mr Mischief' and settled them into bed and cot respectively. I'm now going to carry on with William Black's 'The Land That Thyme Forgot' (highly recommended), which I am currently re-reading whenever I get the chance. The intention (ha!) is to have a quiet and fairly relaxing evening before my parents arrive tomorrow. I might even try and have an early night, if the boys feel like letting me get a wink.

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