Sunday, 15 April 2007

Titchy Toads

After a busy couple of days, I'm really ready for a sit down tonight. I spent most of Friday doing laundry and tidying up our bedroom; turfing out yet more clutter which had been uncovered by our furniture-moving antics the day before. Karl was working a late shift, so I cooked some pasta, with tomato sauce and a bit of cheese, to share with Christopher at dinner. Yesterday the boys and I had a fairly quiet day and then, in the evening, Hubby took care of the boys while I went out for a meal with some friends at 'Casablanca', a restaurant in Aberystwyth. We had a great evening; I chose Stuffed Vine Leaves for my first course, then had some gorgeous Grilled Chicken with Lemon. No pudding (such restraint!), then we went on to a bar. No booze for me, as I was driving (and I'm still breastfeeding, which rules out drinking much alcohol anyway), so I drank lime and soda. I'm ashamed to say that I felt like a dirty stop-out when I got home at midnight, which shows how long it's been since I went out. A few years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of getting home so early.

This morning we went food shopping. Stocked up for the next week or so, give or take the meat, and some fresh bits I'll need to pick up in a few days. The boys had their lunch when we got back, then Chris played with his toy farm. I read the paper and had a sandwich, then joined him in his game. He'd decided to use the farmhouse as an oven instead, so that was a little surreal. Particularly when he shoved his stuffed Postman Pat inside and informed me that it needed "40 minutes".

I've already given my recipe for Toad in the Hole. For supper tonight, I cooked it in three portions; two in individual pie dishes (with 1 sausage apiece) for Christopher and me to eat at teatime; one in a larger pie dish (with 4 sausages!) for Hubby to eat when he gets home from work - he's got a long day today and he'll need something good and hearty to fill up those hollow legs of his. Goodness only knows how he manages to stay so slim.

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