Friday, 29 June 2007

Comfort Food #2

It can't be a coincidence that so many 'comfort food' favourites contain potatoes or cheese. This one has both, and the potatoes are mashed, so it's pretty certain to be high up on the list of favourites. Added to the obviously comforting nature of the food itself is, for me, a healthy dollop of childhood nostalgia - this is something my Mum gave me for supper many a time. I use mature cheddar to make it, with just a little red leicester added to the cheesy topping. I like the extra colour it gives, plus it does seem to be rather less oily than most strong cheddars, so the top crisps up better.

Cheese & Potato Pie

potatoes (1kg makes 4 big portions)
unsalted butter
black pepper

Cook the potatoes. I prefer to steam them, as it keeps them drier, plus the flavour is much improved by not immersing them in water. Mash them with a big lump of butter and a splash of milk, then beat in plenty of grated cheese (a good handful at least) and some black pepper. Turn the mash into an ovenproof dish, or dishes if you want to do the individual portion thing, and smooth the surface. Scatter over some more grated cheese and blast it under a hot grill until the top is blistered and bubbling. I prefer not to let it brown, but take it as far as you dare.

Hubby had some sausages and sweetcorn with his share when he got home from work, but earlier in the evening the boys and I opted for tomatoes and cucumber. I like it best with crunchy salad veg, but most veg, cooked or raw, would work. I suppose baked beans would probably be popular too.

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