Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Get Organised!

We're still very much trying to recover from the weekend. Most of the tidying-up and general stuff is done; now it's just a case of working through the tiredness and getting things back to normal. We are, however, looking forward to another 'big' weekend this week, as Hubby's parents are having a party to celebrate their birthdays and Ruby wedding anniversary. Fancy dress, too, with a 1960s theme, so that should be a giggle.

As well as trying to get things back to normal, I'm currently working on 'better than normal'. Having recently bought and read 'Time Management for Manic Mums' by Alison Mitchell, I'm trying very hard to put it all into practice. My new 'Life Book' diary from Organised Mum has just arrived, and very natty it is too. Today, with James having a nap and Christopher engrossed in a DVD he was given as a gift at the weekend, I spent some time filling all the birthdays and important dates into it. I've used a Dairy Diary for years, but I'm afraid this all-singing, all-dancing new one has usurped its position.

I couldn't face doing the usual weekly shop the other day when I went in to town to get all the stuff we needed for the christening buffet, so the boys and I had to go food shopping again this morning. Christopher was very insistent that we should have broccoli for supper. When pressed, he suggested "chicken too". So there you have it. I roasted the chicken breast fillets on a rack, with a little water in the tin, giving it about 25 minutes at 200°c. I made a cheese sauce and poured it over the steamed broccoli florets, arranged in an ovenproof dish, before scattering a hanful of grated parmesan over the dish and putting it in the oven with the chicken for the last 10 minutes. Christopher and I enjoyed it very much, and James had a good portion too, which I just pulsed in the processor to make it more suitable for him. I made up an individual portion of the cheesy broccoli bake to put in the oven for Hubby later on, along with a chicken breast quarter. Hopefully, that is just the sort of dinner he wants to come home to after a long day at work.

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