Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Soup, Shopping, Smoked Fish

All in all, it's been quite a relaxed day today - after a morning playing with the boys, I made some tomato soup for lunch, which we ate with some granary bread and a wedge of Applewood cheddar that was languishing in the fridge. Christopher loves this soup, which I call my Simple Tomato Soup, and ate two big bowlfuls, as well as bread and cheese. James had some too, with some coarsely grated cheese and diced bread stirred into his bowl of soup. While the smallest Homer napped after lunch, I sorted out a few odds-and-ends of housework in anticipation of having lots of visitors at the weekend. I tidied up all the shelves and things downstairs, then dusted all the surfaces. I'm very proud of our fireplace, which Hubby built (clever old thing that he is), so I gave it some special attention, especially the mantelpiece, which is half a planed roof beam (Karl again). I cleaned it with slightly abrasive cream cleaner, then gave it a good polish and buff with Beeswax furniture polish. I shall try to do a blitz-o-clean of everything before the weekend, but tempus fugit, you know what they say. If if comes to it, I'll just do the bits that show...don't tell anyone!

We went and did a bit of food shopping this evening, to get some of the bits for Sunday's buffet that would keep well. I need to go to the cheese shop and a couple of other places in Aberystwyth on Thursday after playgroup, then I should be able to pick up everything else as part of my usual shopping on Friday. We've ordered some bags of ice from the petrol station/shop in the village. We'll use it to fill a big storage trug and cool the fizz in that while we're at church. After catering for Christopher's christening two years ago I'm not even going to hope for fridge space to chill wine!

We got some smoked coley from the wet fish counter in the supermarket, plus some bread and a bag of salad, so that was supper in the bag (quite literally !). I poached the fish fillets in milk, with a knob or two of butter, a sprig of thyme and a couple of bay leaves. I cooked some bacon rashers, until they were really crisp, to top the fish. I love the combination of fish and bacon anyway, but with smoked fish it's just gorgeous.

The big news today? James got his first tooth! It's still minute and only just barely visible of course, but still...so proud!

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