Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Another Simple Supper

We've been away since Saturday morning, visiting Hubby's parents in Sheffield, who celebrated their Ruby wedding anniversary on Sunday. The highlight of the weekend was certainly their the anniversary party on Sunday night, in 1960s fancy dress, which was great fun. Karl and I also managed to slope off on Monday night for supper at the Beijing City Chinese restaurant in Stocksbridge. In fact, we'd intended to go somewhere else, but the dreadful floods all over Sheffield put paid to that. Still, we were very lucky not to feel worse effects from the flooding than a cancelled restaurant table.

After a long drive back yesterday, we left the house in disarry and went to bed early. So today I had a lot of tidying-up, unpacking and laundry to organise. Plus, I had to go to a meeting first thing to make arrangements for our playgroup to continue, as our much-loved leader is moving away from the area this summer.

A nice simple supper was definitely in order tonight. This is a great thing to have up your sleeve (though not literally). Use whatever quantities of vegetables you need and however many pieces of chicken. Do use portions on the bone, however, as breast fillets wil dry out before the veg are sufficiently cooked.

Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

red onion
red and yellow peppers
small tomatoes
garlic cloves, peeled
chicken pieces, legs or thighs
fresh thyme

Pile the roughly cut-up vegetables into a large roasting tray and drizzle over a little olive oil, tossing to coat them thoroughly. I use my hands, which is easiest. Lay the chicken portions on top of the veg. Grind on plenty of black pepper. Tuck some sprigs of thyme here and there amongst it all, then cook for 40 minutes at 200°c.

The best accompaniment I've found is a big bowl of rice, and tonight I cooked some mixed Basmati & Wild Rice. I say 'cooked' but actually what I did was bung it in the electric rice cooker with some water and leave it until we were ready to eat.

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