Saturday, 7 July 2007

Saturday Supper

After a busy day today, I was definitely ready to sink into a chair to enjoy my Saturday Supper and some much-needed peace and quiet. By giving the boys their supper, bathing them and getting them off to bed before I have my supper, I'm ensuring a few hours of 'me' time most weeks, without trying to find a space in the diary to go out anywhere. It's also a brilliant way to spoil myself a little with things that I wouldn't necessarily be able to feed to the whole family for whatever reason. Tonight's supper was very simple, mushrooms stuffed with some cheese and bacon, served with a bit of salad. I have to say that a glass of chilled Chardonnay would have been perfect alongside, but I don't like to drink alcohol when I'm here on my own with the children, so instead I had a 'Mango Madness' Snapple. I made this with some soft, rinded French goat's cheese, and toasted a split ciabatta roll as I was cooking only for myself.

Mushrooms stuffed with Goat's Cheese & Bacon

large flat field mushrooms
streaky bacon
goat's cheese
fresh thyme leaves
olive oil
black pepper
ciabatta, to serve
salad, to serve

Chop the bacon and fry until cooked and just crisp. Mix in the thyme leaves. Drizzle the mushrooms with a little olive oil, and fill the 'cavities' with the bacon-and-thyme mixture. Crumble the goat's cheese over the top and grind on some black pepper. Bake at 200°c f0r about 10 minutes, then serve on a piece of toasted ciabatta, accompanied by some salad leaves.

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