Thursday, 9 August 2007

Boxing Clever

Our first organic fruit and veg box from the Treehouse in Aberystwyth arrived this morning. It felt like Christmas (albeit a warm and sunny one) as we rummaged through to see what we'd got. Christopher was very excited as he listed all the things he was going to eat and in what order. For a very reasonable £12-00, we got a 'medium mixed box', containing a couple of peaches, a head of Cos lettuce, some broccoli, a bag each of carrots and potatoes, some bananas and apples, a few onions and a bag of lovely little plums. We used some of the lettuce straightaway, to fill, along with some cheese, the last few granary rolls in the bread bin. A nice lunch made nicer by being able to eat in the garden. After lunch Christopher ate one of the apples from the box, while I snaffled a few more of those luscious little plums.

We had a family appointment with the dentist this afternoon, then had a nice walk round town, including a trip to Ultracomida to buy some cheese; a chunk of Gorwydd Caerphilly, easily our favourite Welsh cheese, and a lait cru Camembert de Normandie, one of my real weaknesses.

Supper tonight was in the garden again. We've really got to make up for the weeks of dreadful weather and enjoy the sun while we've got it, so Hubby fired up the barbecue. I made some burgers and prepared some salads. While we were getting minced beef for the burgers (from Rob Rattray on Chalybeate Street in Aberystwyth) we picked up some pork sausages too, which were really tasty; good and coarse. While we were there, Karl spotted some Barnsley chops in the window display, so, being a good Yorkshireman, he had to have one of those too. Bearing in mind that he's not had one in the 8 years we've been together, and only rarely shut up about them in that time, this double lamb chop, cut across the back, had a lot to live up to. I'm happy to say that the tiny taste I got surpassed all my expectations, and I will be happily bringing home the Barnsley chops for future barbecues. We finished off Tuesday's lemon cake for pud.

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