Friday, 14 September 2007

Fishy Dishy

When I was deciding what to have for tonight's dinner , I really fancied fish pie. I got some fish (coley) out of the freezer last night and infused the milk for the sauce this morning, but then left it far too late to start dealing with potatoes for the mash topping. Quick change of plans, and I created another variation on savoury crumble. These savoury crumbles are just as satisfying as pies and the topping is so easy to make. I regularly make a mince crumble and do a chicken version too. Now I have a trilogy!

The parsley sauce can also be used with pieces of plain grilled fish, or with gammon steaks (and mashed potatoes please). I like to infuse the milk, but if you don't have time, don't worry. Just make the sauce as below. If you want to, put the milk in a saucepan with the stalks from the bunch of parsley. Bring it to the boil, then remove it from the heat and leave it to cool completely. Strain the cold milk into a jug and use it for the sauce. You can do the milk in the morning, or even the night before and keep it in the fridge once it's cold. Don't put it in your tea, though.

Fish Crumble Bake

500g firm white fish
250g smoked fish
198g can sweetcorn, drained
600ml milk, infused if possible (and see above)
240g plain flour
140g butter
bunch of parsley, leaves chopped finely

Cook the fish in the microwave until it's just flaking. Break it up into large pieces in the
bottom of an ovenproof dish and scatter over the sweetcorn.
Put the milk, 40g of flour and 40g of butter, cubed, into a saucepan. Bring slowly to the boil, whisking all the time, then turn down the heat and add the chopped parsley. Simmer for a couple of minutes, still whisking, then pour the sauce over the fish and sweetcorn.

Rub the remaining 100g of butter into the rest of the flour, then season and use to top the fish mixture. Bake at 200°c for 20 minutes.

Christopher wanted peas to go with it, so that's what we had. No potatoes, obviously, for reasons of tardiness already discussed.

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elaine said...

Hi Cath. Wish I had seen your fish crumble recipe before I made dinner last night. Would have really liked to have tried it - instead we had the usual old fashioned fish pie. Very delicious!
Thanks for sharing your recipes. I have tried two or three of them and have enjoyed them.

Elaine in Canada


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