Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Or, in English, Happy New Year. I hope that the festive season has been kind to all of you (and not too exhausting). I've been revelling in the fact that since Christmas, the meal planning has pretty much taken care of itself; all those leftovers and the inevitable 'good idea' buys that didn't get used as quickly as I thought.

The relative lack of cooking in recent days has given me time to make a wedding cake for a friend who's getting married on Friday and start my next knitting project; a knitted patchwork blanket. I can knock one or two squares out quite easily in an evening and knitting them corner-to-corner is really quite addictive. My Mum got me into these, she used to knit squares this way as a girl. You cast on one stitch, then increase by one on every row until the 'half-square' is the size you want (for my blanket, that's 15cm in width along the needle). For the other half, you knit two stitches together at the end of each row. A little pile of squares is now growing in my knitting bag and will (eventually) get stitched together into a blanket.
Dinner tonight was good old spaghetti alla carbonara and some garlic bread to go with. I've recently taken to doing garlic bread using those part-baked petits pains you can get in the supermarket. As long as you've made the garlic butter (and I usually have this in the freezer), it's no harder than heating up packaged garlic loaves. Just split the rolls lengthways, spread with garlic butter and bake as per the pack instructions. Lush. Do make the garlic butter good and strong, though, won't you? I would never use less than a whole head of garlic per 250g pack of butter (and frequently use more than that).

I can hardly wait to see what 2008 has in store for us...

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