Saturday, 12 April 2008

Cheating for the Children

Not long ago I had an email from the website editor at Problem Presents, wanting to feature me in their 'Interview of the Week' slot. Feeling positively, and undeservedly, famous (ha!), I filled in the questions she sent me and you can read the interview here.

I went out to the Conrah for lunch with my girlfriends today, in celebratory anticipation of Becky's birthday next week. So having had a Caesar Salad with steamed chicken breast (which actually turned out to be a chicken and bacon salad with poached egg and -bizarrely - shavings of coconut), I don't feel like eating very much this evening. No matter, though, because Saturday is 'kiddie food' night, when Hubby works a late shift and I eat something lovely, but not to his or the boys' tastes, after the small people have retired for the night. That means giving the boys a treaty-feeling but still straightforward supper and tonight I opted for 'tarted-up' frozen pizzas.

Like most children, the boys each like to have something all to themselves. The small cheese-and-tomato pizzas you can get out of the freezers in supermarkets lend themselves well to that. I like to add a couple of toppings and a bit more cheese, otherwise they just feel too basic for words. In any case there's rarely enough cheese on a frozen pizza, I find. Tonight we mixed some chopped, cooked chicken with a little bit of barbecue sauce (Christopher's job) and added some defrosted frozen sweetcorn to top the pizzas.

With a few salad vegetables on the side, and yoghurt for pudding, that's a dinner the boys will always wolf down and which is healthy enough not to cause any guilt or worry on my part (which a child's idea of a treat rarely is).

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