Sunday, 27 April 2008

Cheese Saves the Day (again)

I feel compelled to pass on this little idea quickly. Yesterday, when Chris and I were preparing an Idle Pie for dinner, we trimmed off the pastry and found we had quite a bit left over.

I wasn't willing to waste it, or worse, wrap it in clingfilm, put it in the fridge and waste it in two days' time (!). So, I rolled it out thinly and we scattered grated cheese (parmesan) over it. Fold it like a letter (in thirds), roll it out again and repeat. Cut into strips and 'twist', putting them onto an oiled baking sheet. We put them in the oven with the pie (at 180°c) for about 10 minutes, until an enticing toasted cheese aroma filled the kitchen, then I cooled them on a rack.

Et voilĂ ! A lovely pre-dinner nibble and no pastry trimmings in the bin!!

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