Monday, 14 July 2008

Bring it On...

And she does it again! Top tip of the day - twice. I can't tell you how (unreasonably) this has boosted my self-esteem. Today's tip was one that becomes a great favourite when we have weekend after weekend stacked up with guests (usually over the summer), "How to cook a cooked breakfast without making a mess".

The self-esteem boost was much-needed as we're currently mired in what I think are the 'end-of-term blues'; we've all been down, one by one, with a tummy bug and I'm certain that this is the long term (due to Easter being so early this year) finally taking its toll. Just a few more schooldays to go - for us in Wales, anyhoo - then I can be off to my parents' house for a bit of a break. Yes, that's right folks - I need my Mum!

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