Monday, 7 July 2008

A Dab Hand in the Kitchen

Although sometimes that's debatable, hmm. Any
how, when we were out shopping, Christopher exclaimed excitedly that he'd "found our dinner, Mummy", then showed me some nice-looking dab on the fish counter. I couldn't resist. Well, I was so impressed that a three-year-old, without any outside influence, would choose something like that for dinner that I decided to ignore hubby's general squeamishness about fish and picked up three fine specimens (exceptionally good value at under £2 the lot) for tonight's meal (one each for we adults and one for the two nippers to share).

Fish only needs simple treatment so I put them in an ovenproof dish with some lemon slices and fresh bay leaves, ground over black pepper and seasoned them with a little salt, then baked the at 180­°c for 20 minutes, during which time I steamed some new potatoes and cooked some green beans. Including preparation (and putting water on to boil for the steaming pan), this meal was ready in about half an hour. In the end, hubby didn't eat all of his (it was 'too fishy', apparently - go figure), but the rest of us, and subsequently the cat, dined very well tonight, thank you.


Becky said...

oh they look lovely and a very impressive three year old.

Beth said...

It looks delicious. My hubby is also very fussy!!


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