Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Big 3-0!

Sorry I've been quiet for a while (it's so unlike me). We've been away on holiday - camping in Brecon - and yes, it was wet. Kind of like Glastonbury without Amy Winehouse and Portaloos, but we had a ball anyway. Immediately we got back I was busy turning thirty, having a 1950s themed party , complete with cocktails and barbecue.

Far from the "I-feel-old" nonsense that you might expect, bemoaning the departure of my twenties and the like, I LOVE being thirty and was excited about it for weeks. As one of my cards (from my fab friend Steph who knows me sooo well) read, "Think of yourself as an 18 year old with 12 years experience". Amen to that.

This is the cake I made for my birthday.

And, in a total moment of arts-and-crafts frenzy, I made these bowls to jhuzz (is that even a word?) up the party's rock 'n' roll atmosphere by melting some charity shop LPs and shaping them over a glass vase. You so know I'm still using them, don't you?

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