Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Don't Be Blue...

Any regular readers with be familiar with my love of bright colours and it should, perhaps, come as no surprise that my children have inherited this from me.

When we went to the shop the other day, Christopher rushed up to me, bearing this really rather fabulous heliotrope-coloured Graffiti Cauliflower as though it was the find of his life. So what choice did I have?

You probably won't be astonished when I write that it tastes like, er, cauliflower. But it loses its pinkness with cooking and turns a somewhat gothic shade of inky blue, which fascinated the boys. As a novelty item it was a pretty good buy - the kids ate their vegetables and were so pleased with it in the shop that they forgot all about nagging me for sweeties. Bonus.


Anonymous said...


Coffee and Vanilla said...

Looks beautiful, it is a shame that it loses its colour during cooking... but would be perfect raw with dips ;)



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