Friday, 26 June 2009

Tag - Six Unimportant Things That I Love

Ooh, this is new - I've never been caught up in this tagging thing before! As a somewhat idle member of the blogging community, I have missed out somewhat I suppose, but here I am with my first tag... Caroline at WhatsHappening@MyHouse tagged me to list six unimportant things that I love and how could I resist? In no particular order (as they say), here goes..

1) BBC 7 - a beloved nighttime companion, for me with a night-shift-working husband and two small children with a tendency to wakefulness. That DAB radio is the best present I've ever kidding.

2) The sound of wine pouring from a new bottle in the evening after the children are in bed. Aah, that glug, glug, glug. Was ever a sound so rewarding and relaxing?

3) My Yankee Candle 'Baby Powder' Scented Candle Jar. £18 for a candle is pushing it, to say the very least, but everyday I thank the man upstairs for this little luxury.

4) UltraComida's delicatessen in Aberystwyth regularly puts a week-long smile on my face for a the price of a glossy magazine, courtesy of their Black Olives with Rosemary.

5) The Breakfast Club - my girlfriends and I don't need to go for a fry-up at a local caff once every couple of weeks as a full-stop to the school run but, boy, does it make us happy...

6) Unexpected nice 'phone calls - You know how normally you answer the 'phone in the middle of making pastry and it's some random, wanting to sell you something? Isn't it fab when it's a friend wanting a chat or, even better, wanting to arrange a get-together? Love that.

As for tagging? No idea about etiquette here, so I tag:

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