Sunday, 21 February 2010

Oh, if only...

Carlisle station was recently bedecked in full-on Technicolour to film a TV advert for Homebase

While it is unlikely in the extreme that the powers-that-be would ever even consider allowing it to remain like this indefinitely, I just wonder how much the general happiness of our society would be improved by surroundings like this forming part and parcel of our daily lives.

Just imagine candy colours, Pucci-style prints, Missoni-esque stripes, twinkling lamps and stairs that surely must lead to something wonderful..?

I have long felt that my mood improves in direct relation to the quantity and quality of colours I wear; sometimes just a glance down at one of my (many and varied) rainbow-hued bracelets is enough to stave off a gloomy moment similarly I feel it would be hard to wait for a train here, even a horribly delayed one, without a little smile twitching your lips.  And the train pulling in at the end of the day would surely pick up even the most jaded and exhausted commuter?

Think of the places that could be improved by a makeover like this... away with the grey from dismal multistorey car parks, institutional council buildings, banks, public loos.  And certainly hospitals and doctors' surgeries could be be made into vastly more pleasureable places?
Dream on, I know - but bring the RAINBOWS into your life and see what happens!

Cath xx

Photographs with thanks to Keep Carlisle Station Like This! on Facebook

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Lepsta said...

WOW!!!!!! Fabbo!!!!


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