Saturday, 26 June 2010

Old Tarts

Still getting back to normal after #operation roof, I'm cooking really 'proper' meals again, but I must admit that the heat is stifling the family's appetite somewhat, not to mention fraying the children's tempers!

Tonight we ate my (immodestly) super Courgette and Goat's Cheese Tart, which was just enough cooking to satisfy my needs, but not too much, if you know what I mean....  This is a regular summer supper for us; it's filling and delicious without being heavy or stodgy in any way.  Really needing very little in the way of accompaniments, it makes a lovely portable dish for a contribution to a picnic or any other communal meal at this time of year  I made the pastry this morning and blind-baked the case so that I only had to fry some sliced courgettes and throw the rest together at five o' clock.  Blind baking is a contentious old thing,and I must admit that I don't usually bother for a midweek meal.  I will, however, confirm that the tart is almost always nicer if you do.  Sorry!  Do be sure to dice, or crumble, any cheeses that you add to the filling of a tart; this avoids the problem of 'cheesy cement' sinking to the bottom of tarts and coming to rest on the pastry case.  Grating cheese over the surface of the egg-custard mixture is, however, fine and dandy.
Cath xx

(In fact, the tart was so good tonight that I'm seriously considering making another tomorrow, for snacking on during the week!)

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