Sunday, 25 July 2010

Trying Things Out

I haven't felt very inspired, blog-wise, recently.  I'm still cooking, of course, and have tried out a few new things.  Some of them worked (peanut-butter fairy cakes, courgette pizza, adding some of my green sauce to a béchamel) and some of them need more work (soca, homemade wasabi peas, risotto in the slow-cooker).  I still take my photos, and I do plan to write about them but, somehow, I just don't 'get around to it'.  I want to do this, I really do, I just don't seem to have the motivation at the moment, or know where to go with the blog to make it more appealing to you; frankly I don't even know if there even is a 'you' or if I'm just typing to myself, which is a worry.  Is anyone out there? Please drop me a comment and tell me what you think, I feel a bit lost for words (and that is very unlike me)
Cath xx


PinkPassionata said...

i read it :)
you never fail to inspire me, even if you fail to insipre yourself
hayleigh xx

Lepsta said...

I check your blog everyday, Mrs! I enjoy reading your fab recipes :) xx

Anonymous said...


I have tried loads of your recipes and check in a few times a week to see if you have written anything new. You would be surprised about the influence you have and how I love hearing about your life and family. I guess you have been blogging for a good few years and have got a bit fed up with it but honestly, if you are on the receiving end like us 'out here' its great to hear your new recipes and what you are doing, life is never boring and its fab to follow you and your family on the journey (so to speak).

Anonymous said...


I love your blog, been following you for a couple of years, don't go anywhere!. I love hearing about your life and your love of cooking.


Vanessa said...

Hi Cath

I have also tried a lot of your recipes and really like your blog! It's great to read about what you are up to ... have also passed your blog onto several friends who also enjoy cooking/trying out recipes etc! Loved the date & walnut tea loaf by the way, it has become a staple part of our diet in Plymouth. So don't give up! I know what you mean about not getting comments and I am sorry I've not commented before ...
Vanessa xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Cath,

Lily here (Kai's mum). Have only just been granted net access and where was the first place I went...To you!!! Using the hippo of memory from skim reading a few of your recipes before we moved has provided inspiration for feeding my clan since we moved in! Readers are out there. Keep up the good work of spreading the love xx Hope you and yours are all well. Kai looking forward to me digging out paper, envelopes etc, so he can write Chris a letter. Hugs xxx


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