Thursday, 14 June 2012


This is a dish that I used to make loads and loads, then I somehow forgot about for a bit.  It came up in conversation with a friend a few days ago, and ever since then I've been positively craving it!  I've no idea, now, why I ever stopped doing it, because it's one of those dream recipes; really straightforward, very quick and proper impressive, like...

Fantastic Stuffed Chicken

If the cheese doesn't float your boat, these are also brills with pesto (red or green) in the middle

6 chicken thigh fillets
12 - 18 slices pancetta or thin-cut streaky bacon
garlic & herb soft cheese (like Boursin or le Roulé)

First, 'unfold' the thigh fillets and bash each one a bit, to flatten them to an even thickness.  You don't need a proper meat mallet, just a rolling pin, wrapped in foil or clingfilm to protect it from the raw meat (though, yes, you do still have to wash it!), will be fine.

Next, lay out strips of bacon on a board and top with a flattened thigh. Put a blob of the cheese in the centre of the chicken and roll the whole shebang up.  Place on a rack in a roasting in.  I usually bung it in the fridge for a bit to firm the cheese up, but don't worry... Pop it in the oven at 180 for 30-35 minutes until the chicken is cooked right through.

I like to serve these on a heap of buttery mashed potatoes, with some nice veggies on the side.  Easy as.

Cath xx

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Anonymous said...

hi Cath

chicken done like this is just gorgeous but thanks for the reminder, I haven't done it like this for ages either!.


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