Saturday, 10 March 2007

Tarting Around

Started trying in earnest to get the baby into some semblance of a routine today - a good time to try as hubby's shifts fit in well, and the teething powders - 'Ashton & Parsons Infant Powders', actually - do seem to be making a dent in the pain, even if it is nigh-on impossible to adminster 'half a powder' as specified by the directions - he gets whatever goes in his mouth instead of on his chin!

I spent the morning keeping him awake, bar a 45 minute nap, so that I could put him down in his cot properly after a late morning feed. He yelled for a while, but I kept popping up to reassure him and he went off to sleep by himself (sans dummy!) in time for his big brother and me to have lunch. I used the extra time to sort some toys out with Christopher, as he's had the same toys in his sitting room toybox for far too long and was getting bored with them. I also made the pastry and lined the tart tin in preparation for our evening meal.

James woke up just before one. A little sooner than I would have liked, but it's early days. I changed and fed him, then played with the boys for a while. I got some housework done, too, thanks to Christopher's new-found skill on his Kazoo, which entertained the baby no end.

Chris did some drawing for a while this afternoon, but when he needed to use his potty, he decided it would be much more helpful to run into the kitchen, slam the door and deliberately wee on the cat. Things fell apart a little after that. Oh well...nearly time for dinner

Leek, Bacon & Caerphilly Tart

200g plain flour
pinch of salt
100g fat (half and half butter and lard, for preference)

Make pastry and use it to line a 20cm deep tart tin. You can do this up to a day in advance and keep it, sealed in a large freezer bag, in the fridge.

2-3 leeks, shredded
150g smoked bacon, diced
100g Caerphilly cheese
2 eggs, beaten
150ml crème fraîche

Put a large baking tray in the oven and preheat to 200°c/fan oven 180°c. Soften the leeks in a little butter or oil. Fry the bacon until cooked, but not crisp. Allow these to cool a little.
Spread the leeks and bacon out in the base of the pastry case. Crumble the cheese over the leeks and bacon, then season with black pepper. Beat the eggs and crème fraîche together, then pour into the tart. Place the tin on the preheated baking sheet and bake for 30 - 40 minutes until cooked though. The tart should be browned on top, with the filling still a little wobbly in the centre.

Very good. We ate it with a bit of salad, which was nice and easy (open bag, wash, tip into bowl, etc). Hubby bathed the boys, read their story and then put Christopher to bed while I fed and settled the baby. Time for a drink, methinks?

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