Wednesday, 11 April 2007

A chip off the old wok

A good start to the day - James slept right through last night! No feeding, no tears, no wailing and best of all, no getting up. As if that wasn't enough, the weather has been beautiful today -glorious sunshine all day . In fact, the boys and I have spent most of the day in the garden - even having lunch outside (sandwiches for Chris & I, mashed potato for James), which was very enjoyable. Christopher was able to have a really good run around and I was able to get some washing hung out on the line. Yay! James just looked on, bemused as always by all our antics.

Hubby was home for dinner this evening, and it's his day off tomorrow, so I wanted to cook something yummy. When offered a few options to choose from, Christopher requested "noodles, please" offered, so noodles it was.

Hoisin Pork Noodles

oil for stir-frying
250g minced pork
350g prepared stir-fry vegetables of your choice
2 tbsp oyster sauce
4 tbsp hoisin sauce
2x150g packs 'straight-to-wok'-type noodles
soy sauce, to your taste

Heat the oil in a wok until very hot. Stir-fry the pork until cooked through, then toss in the vegetables. Cook briefly, then mix the oyster and hoisin sauces together and pour into the wok. Add the noodles and stir-fry until heated through. Add a little soy sauce, then serve immediately.

It doesn't really need any accompaniments, but Hubby always likes a little extra soy sauce, and a bowl of prawn crackers (ready-made) never goes amiss. I am rather fond of my 'Rookie Stix' chopsticks for the incompetent, and Christopher was also quite taken with them, but found the whole idea a little too difficult to comprehend and ended up having to use his spoon, with the occasional mouthful administered by Mummy to assuage his disappointment. He really enjoyed the meal in the end though, so that was the main thing. James clearly couldn't share this meal with us (way too much salt in those sauces), so he had some lamb and vegetable supper, which I'd made with the last bit of leftover roast lamb, a little steamed potato and some cooked green beans. He wolfed all that down and then sat whingeing for more while we ate our supper, so we gave him a few spoonfuls of Petit Filous for pudding, which did the trick.

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