Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Simple Supper (to recover)

Hubby is working the late shift today - he didn't have to leave home until 11.30, so we had a nice morning together. Even if we did spend most of it sorting out chores and the general mess accumulated over Easter, when I did (ssshhh!) hardly any housework!

I took the boys out shopping this afternoon for basic provisions - milk and nappies, mainly, but Christopher decided he wanted fish for his dinner tonight, so we bought some nice-looking trout as well. It was quite a relief to hear him ask for fish, to be honest, as I'm a bit cooked-out after the weekend and a fairly basic, low-effort supper was just what I needed to get back into the swing. It won't last, I assure you - I enjoy it all too much to relish a break for more than a day or so.

So this evening we've had trout, fried in a little unsalted butter and frozen peas, boiled, with some homemade granary bread for Christopher and me. James had a spoonful of peas and a little bit of fish, whizzed in the mini-blender with a little of the pea cooking liquid to loosen it a bit. I love evenings when he can share the same meal as the rest of us like this. We all enjoyed it very much, and even the cat enjoyed the last few trimmings from the trout too, so smiles all round (if cats can smile, which I doubt).

Karl's got some shepherd's pie, left over from last night, waiting for him when he gets home, which works well, as he's not big on fish, but VERY big on pie.

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