Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Playing in the Garden

Well, I made the pâté this morning as planned - to my Dad's fabulous recipe. I didn't, however, get the cake done. It was Hubby's day off and the weather was just too nice to waste today, so (after Karl had mowed the lawn) we all had a lovely time out in the garden. I did pop out to get some more play sand for the sandpit. Last year's sand had gone all mossy and horrid, and was all wet where the sandpit's lid lets the rain in , so it needed replacing. We also got the baby swing out of the shed, where it's been since Christopher grew out of it, and assembled it for James, who loves it!

It was too hot for the Sausage and Bean Casserole I'd planned to cook for supper this evening, so we barbecued the sausages instead, and supplemented them with some beefburgers from the freezer, a bowl of Brown Rice Salad and some crudités. James had some tuna and broccoli mornay from last night, and browsed the bread and vegetable sticks while the rest of us ate our dinner.


charless said...

Hi Cath, we've just tried your brown rice recipe and very much like it. Thank you. I've always preferred brown rice and your recipe is going to be a staple for us, particularly during the hot summer months here in north florida.

I stumbled upon your blog a few week ago and now read it regularly. For some time now I've looked at the BBC's weekly photos from wales-

Here's some selected (and non-commercial) websites about our part of the world, both recipes and local area scenes. Please feel free to delete them if you don't want them on your blog. (in front of old State Capitol - faces east) (in front of new State Capitol - faces west),_Florida

charless said...
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