Friday, 25 May 2007

Why did the strawberry cry?

Because he was stuck in a jam! (boom boom)

As it's almost the bank holiday weekend, half-term to boot and Hubby didn't start work until 1pm, we spent most of this morning doing housework and laundry - getting ahead of ourselves as we probably won't do much this week. Christopher's godmother (and nearly James' too!) is coming to visit us tomorrow. Hubby's parents are also coming to visit - they've booked a holiday cottage nearby and are bringing our nieces to stay for the school holiday. Christopher is so excited about seeing everyone!

I took the boys food shopping this afternoon, knowing I shall have at least one meal to cook for 9 people in the week. I hope to do more, but plans have yet to be made. I've stocked up on planty of sandwich-making things, too, as if the weather hold we'll be off picnicking, I'm sure.

After a busy day, I gave Chris some chicken, potatoes and peas for his dinner. James had the same, puréed a little. For afters, Christopher enjoyed a big bowl of the first British strawberries we've had this year. Not, sadly, ours from the garden yet, but we walked past a display of them and the heady, unmistakeable scent of ripe strawberries was just too much to resist. I've got some more to eat later, too.

As to the garden crop, I'm hoping for a bumper year, judging by the large number of flowers and the small fruits already appearing. Karl is checking them regularly and I don't think it'll be long before he appears at the back window, grinning, clutching the first homegrown strawberry of the year. I still don't think they'll be enough, so I'm already planning a trip to the pick-your-own farm at Penlanlas. I really fancy having a go at strawberry jam this year. That is to say, making it, though I'll doubtless eat more than I should. Story of my life really...

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