Sunday, 24 February 2008


Our day today was full of friends and fun, which cheered up a miserable rainy day no end. It did, however, mean that I was cooking dinner on the hop, rather than enjoying a leisurely, drawn-out preparation sesh, which is more usual when the lovely Karl is at home to help out with child-wrangling (hurrah).

With a microwave and an electric rice cooker, though, I can knock a pretty mean kedgeree in very little time and with next to no effort. This is great, seeing as kedgeree is one of my most bestest, favouritest things to eat ever. In fact, the amount of kedgeree I can put away is phenomenal (in really quite a scary way!). You know the saying "enough is as good as a feast? With kedgeree, for me at least, a feast is never enough. Oh well, maybe I can work it off sometime.

Incidentally, for my recipe, and further adumbration on the subject of kedgeree, see my June 2007 post, Comfort Food #1. That photo's making me hungry again; "My name's Cath and I'm a kedge-aholic..."

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