Monday, 19 May 2008

Long Awaited

Do you ever find that you've spent all day looking forward to what you've planned to cook for supper that night? Daydreaming about suet pastry, wine bubbling and steaming into a pan,or the smell of curry spices, when you should be doing something else? Speculatively eyeing the clock, in forlorn hope that it'll soon be time to get cooking? I hope so, because I certainly do!

Take today for instance. Because we had roast chicken last night, I got up a little earlier this morning to put some chicken stock on, preparing for a batch of what we now call Mexican Chicken Soup. Maybe it was the fact of making that small effort, maybe it was just how much I like the taste, but all day long I was thinking about that meal; even finding reasons to mention it in conversation so that I could dwell on it just a little longer.

I didn't disappoint, I'm happy - and a trifle relieved -to say. I really enjoyed my (first and second) helping, even managing to save some leftovers, ready for portioning out into boxes for the freezer.

As a footnote I did, this time, decide to use my posited shortcut idea of substituting shop-bought tortilla chips for the deep-fried tortilla strips. Just as enjoyable, in a different way, but massively less effort.

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