Sunday, 18 May 2008

Oh, that sunshine can be trouble...

We've all been manically busy this week - I think that the week of doing nothing (or at least, as little as possible) to enjoy the sunshine has finally bitten back, and we've realised just what a mess the house has gotten into while we've all been out in the garden! So, I've been relying on my routine, and on some old favourites, to get me through the day and put dinner on the table. Just in time for the weather to go wrong. Hmph!

However, this morning we awoke to sunshine and decided to make the most of it. Feeling part full of sunny goodwill and part (OK, mainly) hopelessly envious of my brother's recent acquisition of a very fancy juicer, I dug out the electric citrus press (a free gift my Nan got from Damart donkeys ago) and squeezed fresh orange juice for breakfast. The children were astoundingly keen on it - even for kids that adore fruit I couldn't keep it coming fast enough and eventually had juiced every orange that we had in the house. Oh well, it's all good stuff...

We had a roast chicken for supper - mainly because that ensures a decent amount of leftovers that can form the basis o0f several meals this week. I was loathe to do too much food shopping this week because, as next week is half term, we'll all four be decamping to my parent's house for a break. Just who it's a break for, I'm not certain, but we're guaranteed to have a fabulous time - and lots of juice when we go to Grae's, I believe!

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