Saturday, 6 March 2010

Get Inventing!

"With tuppence for paper and can have your own set of wings", or so the song goes.  With a few more varied bits and pieces and some sticky tape or glue, however, the world is a child's oyster.  My boys' favourite pastime is junk modelling, constructing all sorts of fantastic machines, robots and spaceships out of everything and anything that we save for them; everything from loo roll tubes to chocolate box trays, from bottle-tops to lolly sticks. 

Incidentally, don't throw away those irritating bits of plastic that are used to wire toys, almost irretrievably, into their packaging.  They are fab for junk modelling and have made robot legs, lorry grilles, oven racks, you name it!

I want to encourage the creative spirit, but I'm not too keen on the mess all over the house, so today we turned their playshed into their very own 'invention club'.  With boxes, tubes and cartons galore, all sorts of bits-and-bobs and a ready supply of sticky tape, glue sticks and marker pens, they have their own little mad haven of creation...

Cath xx


karen said...

Excellent idea! I love the invention club - they should have membership cards and a secret door knock to get into their Inventing Den too!

Cath said...

They love the membership cards idea - sense that coming on today... will have to get some ginger pop in and be really Enid Blyton about it!


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