Monday, 1 March 2010

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi, unwaith eto!

St David's Day and, for children that means dressing up in national costume for school and, for everyone else, it means CAWL!!.  As three of the four of us had already eaten cawl at lunchtime, however, I decided not to repeat it at supper, opting instead to prepare another of our favourite Welsh dishes, Wyau Ynys Môn.

I love the patriotic enthusiasm that March the 1st brings out in the Welsh, and as Wales is my adopted homeland and the birthplace of my children, I do all I can to embrace it.  People may joke about the Welsh; the language, the long placenames, coracles and the ever-popular sheep gags, but their passion for their country should never be denigrated.  A straw poll of my Saes (English) friends revealed that no-one does anything to celebrate St George's Day (though I do wear red roses in my hair on the day, most years in any case!) and none could tell me when the English patron saint's day fell (23 April, if you're interested).  If you can find me a Welsh person who doesn't know the date of St David's Day, it would be rhyfedd iawn (very surprising)!  Just a thought...

Cath xx

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