Friday, 1 March 2013

Friday 1st of March 2013

Tonight,  I cooked chicken fried rice with leftover roast chicken from Wednesday and some rice that I cooked last night and left to go cold. Fried rice always tastes better and has a nicer texture when you start it with COLD rice,  rather than still-warm rice that you've only just cooked.

I heated some groundnut oil in my largest le Creuset,  then quickly fried a few chopped spring onions with a little garlic and ginger. I threw in a couple of handfuls of shredded, cold, cooked chicken and stir-fried it briefly. The rice went in next and was stirred around with my wooden fork.
When the rice is coated in the oily juices from the pan, push the rice to one side and slowly pour in, bit by bit,  2 eggs that you have beaten with a splash of light soy sauce.   Scramble the eggs around, flicking them through the rice as best you can. Stir through a couple of handfuls of defrosted frozen peas with another little splash of light soy and a good drizzle of sesame oil.   I'm sure that it's this last touch of sesame oil that gives this rice such an authentic 'carry-out' flavour.
Serve with some bought-in prawn crackers and have dark soy on the table for those who want more of its savoury saltiness.
                                              Cath xx

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