Thursday, 29 March 2007

Rushed off my feet

The last couple of days have been crazy! After a nightmare few nights of no sleep and constant feeding, I caved in and offered James some 'solids' (actually mush, I don't know who would actually call it solid).

I started him off with 2 tsp of organic baby rice mixed with just over 2 tbsp of breast milk, which he accepted with no fuss and very little mess. Since then he has had a meal of banana, mashed, again with a little breast milk to slacken the consistency, and some pureéd stewed apple . I now have three ice trays, full of ready-prepared parsnip, carrot and apple pureés, ready for the freezer. The number of pureés will increase as he tries new things. I loved weaning Christopher and introducing him to lots of new flavours; it will be interesting to see how James takes to some of Christopher's old favourites and whether he will reveal any interesting preferences of his own.

He seems very happy with the whole concept of 'food' and it has really improved his mood (and thus my mood), so I'd say it was definitely the right time for James. One of my friends from playgroup referred to it as "finding the Goldilocks moment", which I think is very apt.

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